Frequently asked questions

– What are your prices?
BGroup classes (maximum nine participants) can be attended from € 39 per month.
Personal training sessions are from € 51.35 per session.

– Is there a minimum period for membership?
The first session is fee. After that you decide whether you would like to become a member. Membership is valid for three months and can be prolonged monthly. After the first three months, the period of notice is one full calendar month.

– What is a GRAVITY group training?
GRAVITY sessions are in small groups from four to nine participants. They are given by a professional instructor and are geared towards improving endurance and stamina while increasing strength and toning muscles.

– What is personal training?
Personal training is a unique opportunity to achieve your health and fitness goals under the professional guidance of a certified trainer. Personal training sessions are one-on-one and tailored to your individual requirements.

– Will I benefit from it?
Yes, GRAVITY fits in all fitness programmes. The wide variety of movements and exercises provide a challenging and truly great work-out.