Group lessons

Small groups with intensive supervision and guidance

Studio-VitaFit keeps the groups small
Studio-VitaFit offers a number of group lessons. Here, as with the personal training sessions, the accent is on professional guidance and supervision. The groups are never larger than nine participants, guaranteeing individual attention and thus reducing the danger of injury from incorrect movements. The lessons offer a combination of exercises geared to improving stamina and endurance, increasing strength and flexibility and stabilising the muscles of the ‘core’.

Small Group PT timetable 2018 ( From 1.9.’18 up to 22.12.’18)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
09:15 Vita Mix Vita Mix Gravity Pilates Gravity Pilates Gravity Strength Gravity Ride & Glide
10:15 Gravity Pilates Gravity Strength Vita Mix Vita Mix Gravity Strength
12:30 Vita Seniors Gravity Strength Vita Seniors
19:00 Gravity Strength Gravity Pilates
20:00 Vita Mix

Which group lesson is best for me?

The staff at Studio-VitaFit can help you answer this question. They first asses your needs and then discuss the different options to help you decide. You can chose from a number of classes. These include:

*Vita Mix

where the accent is on improving stamina and strengthening muscles while using various fitness equipment and tools.

*Gravity Strength

places the accent on strengthening multiple muscle groups in synergy as you pull your own body weight on Gravity equipment adjusted to your own level.

*Gravity Ride & Glide

is a two part lesson; one half on a stationary spinning bike and the other on Gravity equipment.

*Gravity Pilates

is a variation of Pilates, where original Pilates exercises are performed on Gravity equipment

*Vita Sensitive

is a varied lesson developed for people with limited or reduced strength. It is recommended for those recovering from injuries and for seniors. Attention is paid to coordination, balance, flexibility and to increasing and maintaining muscle strength.

*TRX Interval:

This lesson uses the TRX suspension system where body weight exercises develop strength, balance, flexibility and core simultaneously. An intensive, exciting and challenging work-out.

At Studio-VitaFit, group lessons cost €11.66 per lesson. For one lesson per week, this amounts to €61.80 per month, and for two lessons per week, it’s €101.12 per month. These lessons can also be combined with a Personal Training session. The price of this depends on the number of group lessons attended. Are you curious about what we offer and what we could do for you? Why not make an appointment to visit us in Wassenaar? We would be happy to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.