Be prepared for your winter sport holiday – train on the IMOOVE

Studio-Vitafitis the first fitness studio in the Netherlands to introduce a new dynamic method of training with the IMOOVE. This multifunctional equipment works the entire body, stimulating more than 90% of muscle mass at once. Elliptical movements performed by the footrest stimulate 3 dimensional and non-linear movement, improving balance and coordination and reactivating motor and postural control. It has a wide range of rehabilitation applications and stimulates the proprioceptive system. It provides unequalled core training, stretching and balance exercises for the elderly and helps them retain muscle flexibility and joint mobility while minimising the effects of ageing.

Studio-VitaFitcan include exercises on the IMOOVE in your personal training programme to help you achieve your personal goals and improve your well-being and balance.


  • Is unequalled in the field of rehabilitation and for training the proprioceptive system.
  • Is a perfect addition to a training programme for specific sports like golf, tennis or skiing.
  • Provides unrivalled core training for stability and strength
  • Improves mobility of the joints of the knee, ankle and hip
  • Has 45 programmes with more than 800 exercises for all fitness levels
  • Improves posture, balance, coordination and mobility.

Interested in a work out with the IMOOVE? contact Studio-VitaFit and let us tell you what IMOOVE can do for you.