Tailor-made training programme

Nutrition diary for more insight

The key to achieving a physical target like muscle building or weight loss lies in the combination of exercises with correct nutrition. If the number of calories consumed or the ratio of individual nutrients are not right for this target, the results are unlikely to be optimal. But how does one know if one is consuming the correct nutrients? Studio-VitaFit offers its clients in the VitaFit Total programme a nutrition analysis to determine the nutritional content of the food they consume. You keep a nutrition diary for five to nine days in which you record exactly what you eat. From this it is possible to determine how much protein, fat and carbohydrate you consume. The vitamin and mineral content of these foods is also recorded. It is then possible to draw up an appropriate nutrition plan to enable you to achieve your fitness goal.

Nutrition analysis helps find the balance

Once you know what and when you eat you can decide whether that pattern fits in with your present life style. We then determine whether it is compatible with your personal fitness programme. It is interesting to see whether you eat differently on days you exercise. Is there a difference between your eating patterns on days on which you do weight training or on days on which you do cardio training? Is there a relation between the periods in which you burn fat and those in which you build muscles.

We are all different

All people are different and Studio-VitaFit has collected a vast amount of information which enables us to create the optimal training programme for each of our clients. Nutrition plays an important role in this. We can take it one step further and perform a blood and DNA analysis for you.

Don’t follow trends and fashion! Exercise in a responsible, effective manner. Let us tell you how we, at Studio-VitaFit, can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.