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Total Health and Fitness formula for a better quality of life

VitaFit Total : Not ‘more’ but ‘smarter’

VitaFit Total is an intensive health and fitness programme specially developed for clients who wish to take their training to an even higher level. It is a distinguishing concept in the health and fitness world. We are proud to have welcomed clients from all over the country to this programme. VitaFit Total is the embodiment of our philosophy that not ‘more’ but ‘smarter’ exercise achieves optimal results. The ultimate goal is, of course, an improved quality of life.

How does VitaFit Total work?

Intensive, effective personal training is only optimal if we are able to monitor certain vital information and then use it to develop a programme specifically geared to your needs. We first draw up a blueprint of your DNA and study means to prevent injury and assist recovery. We take a number of factors into consideration. These include your :

* constitution and stress levels
* rate and frequency of respiration
* Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and glucose level
* Vo2max level ( maximum amount of oxygen that can be used during intense exercise).
* light therapy
* oxygen during exercise
* myofascial release therapy
* nutritional analysis and advice
* innovative health and fitness equipment

We realise these concepts might be unfamiliar and sound somewhat daunting, but we would be happy to explain them to you in detail during your visit to Studio-VitaFit.

Who would benefit from VitaFit Total?

VitaFit Total is a unique health and fitness programme that benefits everyone, regardless of age or state of health. The highly trained team of health professionals at Studio-Vitafit are qualified to assist a wide range of clients. Are you an over-worked business person, a (high level) sports person or a talented up-and-coming athlete? Are you suffering from fibromyalgia? Have you got chronic stress or are you physically or emotionally exhausted? Are you recovering from an injury to your ankle, knee, hip, back or shoulder? We can help you find solutions to all these problems. Our goal is to improve your general well-being and your quality of life.
Would you like us to draw up a health and fitness plan within the wide framework offered by the VitaFit Total programme? Contact us for an intake and assessment. Our concept is unique in the Netherlands and is a forerunner in the field of health knowledge and innovation.