Wanted a personal trainer?

Studio-VitaFit for body and mind
Are you looking for a personal trainer who understands you and your body? Look no further. The enthusiastic supportive staff at Studio-VitaFit can help you achieve your fitness goals and get in top shape. Our approach is both efficient and effective. We look at more than just the physical aspects, your frame of mind is also important.

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Personal trainer and your ‘core’

Before you can begin your journey to optimal health and fitness, we assess your strength, flexibility and cardio-vascular health. We focus on your ‘core’, the different muscles that run the length of the torso that stabilise the spine, pelvis and shoulders and support the movements of your limbs. A strong core prevents injuries. All bodies are different and a personal trainer has to assess each one in order to achieve the best results and prevent strain and injury. We also examine your personal goals. What do you want to achieve? If you just want to lose weight, it is important to focus on training within your optimal heart rate. We draw up an individual programme specifically tailored to achieving your desired results.

Personal trainer brings you peace

When you arrive for a session, your personal trainer first checks whether you are physically ready to begin your work-out. Have you come straight from the office and have you brought a lot of chaotic energy with you? You might then start with some peaceful breathing exercises to calm you and get you in the right frame of mind for the session. The trainer takes the time to assess what you need at all times. A well thought out programme achieves the best results.


Good personal trainers do more than just coach. They inspire, motivate, support, and encourage. All of these aspects require time and energy. You can choose between one or two sessions a week. These cost respectively €306.18 and €553.37 per month. It is also possible to combine a personal training session with one or more group sessions. This way, you can receive individual guidance while also working on your fitness in a small group setting.

Why not schedule an appointment for a free trial session? This will allow us to assess how we can assist you in achieving your goals.