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Your respiration rate tells us a lot about you and your body

We recognise that you live in a very busy world and there are always so many things you feel we have to do. You have to go to work, pick up the kids, do the shopping as well as keep abreast of all the latest news and developments. You are constantly under a lot of pressure as you rush from one activity to another. But in spite of this, you know you have to exercise and keep fit. But, do you take all that pressure and tension into the sport studio with you? Does it influence your body and you can achieve in your session? Indeed it does.
It is most unwise to begin an exercise session if your body is not in a state of rest. It is important you are relaxed and at ease. This prevents any adverse effects the training might have, aids recovery and increases fat burning.
Studio-VitaFit therefore advocates a rest test to access your respiration rate before beginning a session.

Your respiration rate

We seldom consider our respiration. We might think about it briefly as we make a quick sprint to get to another meeting on time, but that’s about all. A normal respiration rate is between 8 to 10 breathes a minute. It can sometimes reach18 but that is too high and the body is then in overdrive. When that happens the muscles retain lactic acid and become stiff, fat burning slows down and resistance becomes lower. This can result in sleepless nights and increased stress, both of which influence your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It is therefore important to assess your rate of respiration in order to be able to judge the state your body is in.

Regulate your respiration rate

The VitaFit Total rest test provides information about your resting heart rate, your resting respiration rate and your Heart Rate Variability (HRV). If these are too high and your body is in overdrive, the session begins with breathing exercises to regulate them and restore balance. This will enable you to achieve optimal results from your session and reach your fitness goals.
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