What is Sportfasting?

Sportfasting is a scientifically proven training programme that enables your body to switch from burning sugar for energy to burning fat, all within the short space of ten days! You soon reap the benefits, as your body produces more energy, your endurance improves, you lose weight and feel fitter and healthier.

Sem: lost 5.4 kilos on a 10 day Sportfasting programme

Sportfasting is not a diet, it is a lifestyle

It makes a long term change to your body’s metabolism and doesn’t have the yo-yoing effect of regular diets. Your special Sportfasting coach puts the programme together for you and supervises you every step of the way. During the first three days you cut down on food and adjust your nutrition. You then continue with three days of juice fasting after which you gradually build up your nutrition in the last three or four days. During the programme you exercise between 20 to 30 minutes each day at a level determined by your coach. You will know when you have achieved your goal when you make the switch to burning fat instead of sugar. Your new lifestyle has begun.

Background information

In primitive days people had to hunt for food and there were times of plenty but also of scarcity. In times of scarcity our bodies are forced to burn fat. Nowadays, we, in the western world, live in a time of abundance and our bodies burn sugars instead of fat. Thus the need to consume sugars for energy increases and we crave sugars. If the extra sugars we consume are not converted into energy they are stored in our fat reserves where they accumulate with the well-known adverse effects.
Sportfasting activates the primitive mechanism in your metabolism. Your muscles no longer burn sugars but start to burn fat. During the periods of exercise your muscles are forced to attack your sugar reserves as they switch to the fat-burning mode. This is known as the ‘metabolic switch’. Once the body has got used to burning fat, the fat is better assimilated. Endurance and stamina are improved and the body no longer craves sugars. You consume far fewer sugars after completing a Sportfasting programme!

Nina: lost 2.6 kilos on a 10 day Sportfasting programme

“I feel great and would do it again! I lost 6.4 kilos in 10 days and weigh 74.6 kilos now. I lost 11 cms from my waist and tummy! I am delighted.” ”

Quick and effective results

Research has shown that you lose fat and not muscle while Sportfasting. After completing the programme you can ‘Keep the Switch’ by continuing to exercise and restricting your carbohydrate intake. More than 30,000 people in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany have followed this programme designed by medical biologist Remco Verkaik. These are some of the results that can be achieved.

  • Average weight loss of 2 to 6 kilogrammes
  • Average loss of 3 to 7 centimetres around abdomen
  • Increased energy
  • Improved endurance and stamina
  • Reduced cholesterol levels
  • Lower blood pressure.

Is Sportfasting right for me?

Challenging and tough
The Sportfasting programme can only be done under the guidance of a qualified Sportfasting coach. This ensures it is carried out correctly and optimal results can be achieved.
The programme is effective and efficient, but tough! You need to be committed and motivated otherwise you won’t succeed. Before you can begin, your coach has to assess whether it would be responsible for you to do so. Your coach then explains how the programme works, plans a training schedule and explains the protocol for the supplements. Together you decide when it would be best for you to start, and your journey to a fitter, heathier and slimmer self can begin

Do you recognise any of these situations?
If you do, Sportfasting is right for you
Do you crave sugary foods;
Is your fat percentage too high even though you eat well;
Do you suffer from energy dips during the day?;
Are you constantly tired?;
Do you run out of energy while playing sports? ;
Do you feel the need to consume carbohydrates when under pressure?;
Does it take you a long time to recover from injuries?
Ask your coach if you are ready to make the switch

Lose weight, gain energy and get fitter in 10 days
Sportfasting will help you lose weight, improve your endurance and feel fitter and healthier. It is a unique programme during which your body switches from burning sugars to burning fat in 10 days. A qualified Sportfasting coach is with you every step of the way, motivating and guiding you on your journey to achieving the results you have always dreamed of. You will see and feel results within 10 days. You can easily maintain these results with the ‘Keep the Switch’ guidelines. Sportfasting can kick-start you into changing your lifestyle. Are you ready to make the switch? If so, contact Studio-VitaFit and let us help you.