Ultratone DreamShaper

Bio-stimulation, the most advanced form of electro-stimulation

Ultratone stimulates and improves the body’s own physiological processes. It is applicable for figure correction and anti-ageing and makes the body stronger, healthier, more active and more energetic. It can also be applied as a therapeutic tool to alleviate pain, promote recovery, shorten injury time and improve freedom of movement.
Bio-stimulation is an advanced form of electro-stimulation which uses the body’s own trophic code to stimulate various tissues and functions in the body. Patented Ultrawaves imitate the body’s natural bio-electric energy network. The impulses penetrate the skin through to the connective tissue, fat tissue, muscle mass and the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Ultratone bio-stimulation tones, rejuvenates and models the areas treated.

The DREAMSHAPER is the undisputed leader in multiple synchronised therapies for health and beauty.

Strengthens and tones muscles | Increases muscle mass | Decreases fat mass | Breaks down fatty deposits | Reduces circumference | Tones, firms and lifts the skin | Improves blood and lymph circulation | Detoxes and drains | Reduces water retention |Restores energy | Combats cellulite | Stimulates production of collagen and elastane | Softens wrinkles | Alleviates pain | Accelerates healing | Increases weight loss| Provides safe cavitation| Assists post-natal